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SlotShot encourages the proper movement, and more importantly rotation, of each individual golfer's body type even without specific instruction. We have received fantastic feedback from instructors and our favorite compliment is SlotShot's simplicity. Golf is hard enough without trying to think about an assortment of positions and swing thoughts throughout this short lasting motion. Instead, place SlotShot comfortably under your arm, find your specific goal and use focused reps to accomplish them! It's that simple!


SlotShot does help to encourage an on plane swing by incorporating proper rotation of the body’s big muscles. This movement makes it more difficult for many arms oriented golfers who cast in the transition or downswing to create the "chopping" motion that they have doomed themselves for in their backswing.  In addition, the arms are trained to rotate properly in relation to the biomechanics and build of each individual's body.

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