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ShotShot Works! Here's Why:

Start with the fundamentals : Set Up!
Shoulder tension and misalignment are a leading cause of good swings turning into bad results. Many golfers tend to have too tense or straight a trail arm that extends over the top of the chest. This will lead to shoulders that lift toward the ears and are open to the target line.
Consistent ball striking requires a comfortable, confidence building set up position. Notice how the golfer now has a soft right arm and we can see the top of his left forearm. His right shoulder is lower and more into the side of his body, reducing tension and creating a sensation of connection that is easy to repeat once the aid is gone.
Also as a result of proper upper body position, his right hip is no longer in a cocked position that was caused by the tension that he had down the right side of his body.    
Backswing: Creating Energy
Backswing : Creating & Storing Energy

Many folks who have been around golf for awhile have heard of similar drills using towels or headcovers. So what makes SlotShot different? Notice how tight to my body my trail elbow must be with the towel under my arm. The tension associated with this encourages a backswing with mostly my arms and not my core, as well as a flatter shoulder angle at the top of the with lower hands.                                      

With the SlotShot under my arm, notice how much fuller of a shoulder turn I have made. My trail elbow is higher and further away from my body while my lead shoulder has worked its way lower under my chin. I have been forced to rotate my scapula completely, as opposed to only my humerus.                                       

One classic sign of a golfer who uses too much arm power to make their backswing is a trail arm that travels way behind their body; thus separating their elbows from each other.  Many consistent ball strikers work to keep their elbows a consistent space from each other in their backswing, resulting in a trail elbow that is pointed more toward the right hip than it is behind their body.


With SlotShot this result is fueled by proper connection and the units ability to force even an untrained golfers big muscles and core to turn in the backswing, as opposed to the arms doing the majority of the work. 

Biomechanical advantages of using SlotShot

Proper rotation in golf includes an assortment of efficiently moving pieces. Of the three axis', golf is often played on as rotational an axis as possible with very little and controlled lateral or horizontal movement. SlotShot is engineered to help increase the rotation of the trail arm in the backswing. This includes the trail elbow and multiple pieces of the shoulder such as the humerus and scapula. A very common incorrect movement for the amateur golfer includes too much lateral movement of the upper right arm and shoulder. Instead of allowing their arms to work up, they force their arms around their body and get them stuck in the downswing. This causes huge inconsistencies and necessary manipulation, especially when they spend time trying to fix results caused by this problem as opposed to the root of the issue as described.  


When used properly, SlotShot forces even beginner golfers to rotate their humerus head inside the ball and joint socket; a much more preferred, efficient and powerful motion! This results in an engaged scapula which will also now rotate and be able to help your right elbow deliver energy into the golf ball from a more powerful position. 


Our unit also encourages efficient hand height at the top of the backswing. If the golfer properly pushes as indicated in our instruction material, their golf circle becomes bigger, wider and more powerful!

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