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SlotShot is a golf training aid that encourages necessary and efficient habits in various positions throughout the golf swing. It is primarily used under the armpit of the trail arm and can be used by right or left handed golfers, ladies, men and juniors alike! While being initially developed focused mainly on full swing training, SlotShot can also be used to train preferred and consistent pitching, chipping and putting motions. 


SlotShot was invented by an amateur golfer, Fred Torres, who got fed up with his inability to consistently slot the golf club in his downswing. It's conception was fueled by his lack of results with 'old school' fixes such as gloves, headcovers, towels and even straps. After months of practice with no luck translating it to the course, he found the inspiration for the SlotShot. Pictured are prototypes in the making.


What makes SlotShot superior to 'old school' cheap fix training aids such as a headcover, glove or towel?


The decrease in tension resulting from SlotShot's unique contouring shape will increase your body's ability to make a proper rotation and turn using your biggest muscles! Limiting the responsibility of your arms and smaller muscles in your swing will result in increased efficiency and reduced effort. 


If you're an avid golfer or golfer professional, you probably know that under rotation is not a problem for every golfer. This is very true, different golfers exaggerate different mistakes! Our training aid is developed to allow a small window so that it will also help to fight over rotation! However, keep in mind that enforcing proper rotation is only one of the many benefits of the SlotShot unit! 


Why will SlotShot work for me? 


Many golfers suffer from an inconsistent backswing, dooming them from the start of their swing. One very common mistake involves a too much lateral movement of their upper trail arm and a backswing that involves too much arms and not enough body.


By targeting proper connection and ball and socket shoulder joint ROTATION, SlotShot can help to instantly improve the average golfers' efficiency. Proper practice comes with proper movement and SlotShot can help even a novice golfer get the most out of their practice!  


New & Improved lanyard design

will fit comfortably with most body shape and size.

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